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so your co-worker chris colfer is -
oh my god chris is amazing i'm ecstatic that all of his projects this year have been so successful i mean he's written four books, is writing a fifth and has written and starred in his own movie not to mention playing one of the most iconic roles on television today all in the last four years, also he's won a golden globe and is a bestselling author and he's handled all this with such a stunning elegance and managed to remain so modest and i have so much respect for him for that because it's so difficult to remain grounded and be as successful as he is but honestly i'm not even surprised as he's the most inspirational, amazing person i've ever had the pleasure of knowing
so you have a girlfriend
yeah she's hot

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I just think of how young Chris was back then and how he knew Darren before and then they had dinner together and went to a concert and I bet Chris was like: This is a dream!

And Darren was probably just blown away by Chris and wanted more time with him:


And I just:


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I don’t know about you, guys, but I’d never heard the phrase “meant to be” used to talk about co-workers.

Couples, on the other hand…

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This one time, it was close to Halloween and Kevin McHale… well this is only funny for me… Kevin McHale is deadly afraid of spiders. So I got a big plastic one and I hid it in his toilet, in his trailer. And his trailer was next to mine, so I was waiting for like an hour, just waiting for him to have to use the restroom. And I heard footsteps, so I put my ear against the wall, and I hear the lid open. And I have never heard someone gasp so loud. It was a deafening gasp. Yeah, that was good.
Chris when asked “What is the funniest thing to happen on the set of Glee?” (via dailychriscolfer)

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